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The Wyche Inn
The Wyche Inn



We are carrying on taking orders

for takeaway food.

If you don't fancy cooking!


All of our food is freshly prepared by our chefs

Dave & Mik





Take away deals: £3 off main meals & £2 off burgers.


Fish & chip Friday is back £ 11 eat in ,

£10.50 takeaway




Menu as of Jan 9th

( will keep updated , but subject to change) 




Soup of the Day served with warm ciabatta £5.50

(V without mayo) Breaded Mushrooms with garlic mayo and a side salad £5.80

Breaded King Prawns with sweet chilli dip & side salad £6.00


Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding or Roast Pork Belly

served with roast & new potatoes, seasonal vegetables & gravy £12.00   (GF on request)

Homecooked Honey Glazed Ham with eggs- served with chips and garden peas £12.00 (GF if with new potatoes or mash)

Salmon Fillet in a dill cream sauce with crushed new potatoes and vegetables £14.50 (D)(F)

Beer Battered Cod with chips, a salad garnish and garden or mushy peas £14.00 (G)(F)

Spanish Chicken- Diced chicken and chorizo in a white wine sauce with olives & pepper- served with rice & vegetables £13.00(G)(SD)

Butchers Pork Sausage served with mash, vegetables and gravy £ 12.00



(V) without Yorkie) Nut Roast ( mushrooms, hazelnuts & rice) & Yorkshire Pudding - served with roast & new potatoes, seasonal vegetables & gravy £12.00

(GF)(V)Mixed Bean Chilli with rice, nachos and a salad garnish £12.00

Butternut Squash, Cranberry & Onion Tagine- in a tomato sauce wit dried fruit- served with roasted vegetables,

rice & mint yoghurt  £12.00 (D)(SU)(C)


Side Orders

Chips £3.50 (G)            Onion Rings £3.00 (G)          Garlic Bread £3.00 (G)(D)     


(V)vegetarian  ( V) Vegan (GF) gluten free

**** Chips not GF. If dish states served with chips, we can substitute with new potatoes or mash


(C) Celery     (G) Gluten   (CR) Crustations    (E) Eggs    (F) Fish

( L) Lupin        (D) Dairy   (MO) Mollusc     (MU) Mustard     (N) Nuts

(SE) Sesame          (SO) Soya         (SD) Sulphur Dioxide         (P) Peanuts

Please discuss with the staff any other allergies.




Served on white or brown bread or warm white ciabatta bread with a salad garnish & chips

Gluten free bread available on request

Ham or Bacon & cheddar or Brie        Fish Fingers with tartare sauce ( on side)    

(V)Cheese & Red Onion or Branston pickle         (V) (V)Vegetarian Sausage & Onion   ( vegan spread on request)    

   (V) Brie & Cranberry

£7.50 each


Wyche Burger-100% beef burger served on toasted brioche bun with melted cheese,

              gherkins, onion rings, & a special sauce served with a salad garnish & chips    £10.50 (G)(MU)

Chicken Burger- served on a toasted brioche bun with mayonnaise  served with a salad garnish & chips   £ 10.00

(V) (GF on request)Veggie Burger- Butternut Squash & Goats Cheese Burger  or  BBQ Lentil Burger (V without mayo)-

served on a toasted brioche bun with mayonnaise served with a salad garnish & chips   £10.00

We have Gluten free burger buns on request. Our beefburgers are gluten free.



Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Lamb or Chestnut Roast  £9.00

100% Beef burger in a bun with ketchup     BBQ Lentil Burger(V without mayo)-

 (GF)Homecooked Ham & Egg             Fish Finger         Chicken Nuggets

**** The above (except roasts) are served with chips, mash or new potatoes and beans or peas

£7.00 each



(V)  Chocolate Fudge Cake         

Christmas Pudding with brandy sauce or custard           Rum & Raisin Brown Bread & Butter Pudding

(GF) Syrup Sponge                

Served with cream, ice cream or custard    £5.50

Dairy free ice cream & custard on request.


Ice Cream Sundae- a choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice cream topped with cream, strawberry, chocolate, or toffee sauce and a flake £4.50

We also have individual ice cream tubs for sale for humans and dogs!!!




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