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The Wyche Inn
The Wyche Inn

Real Ales to Date


Our range of beers have proved very popular with our customers.


Below is a list of beers sold so far:


Abbeydale - Moonshine, Deception, Corruption, Absolution, Aledritch, Advent & Birdhouse


Acorn - Summer Pale, England's Dreaming, Green Bullet, Quantum, Cracker, Burning Bails & Tangerine Dream


Ainsty - Flummoxed Farmer


AJ's Ales - Ruby Red, S.P.A, Stuck in the Dog House, I.P.A & Stuck Up The Chimney


Allendale - GFPA


Anarchy - Blonde Star


Animal - K9


Arbor - Shangri-La & Oz Bomb


Artisan - PA/01


Ascot - Posh Pooch


Atlantic - Gold


Attwood - Nectar


B & T - Golden Fox


Backyard - January S'Ale & Blonde


Bad Seed - Calypso, Citra, Columbus, South Side, Waimea & Azacca


Bank Top - Pavillion Pale Ale


Bath Ales - Gem


Battledown - Natural Selection & S.P.A


Beer Geek - Geek Roulette 


Beer Works - Headshrinker, Embalming Preparation, Corruption, Ball Relief, Break Fluid, Binge Oil, Reindeer Repellent, Duck Baffler & Ancient Grease


Beowulf - Chiller, Mercian Shine, Gold Work, Wuffa, Heroes, Chasewater, Staffordshire Pale Ale, Wergild, Quest, Swordsman, Atheling, Spring Tide, English Horseman, Noble Bitter, Christmas Kiss, Chase Buster, Wiglaf, Beorma, Mercian Reward, Chase Pale, Double Decade & Wulf


Bespoke - Egg Chaser


Bewdley - Sir Keith Park, SVR Golden Jubilee, Worcestershire Way, First Gold, Flying Hopsman, Hop Heaven, Sovereign, Beaulieu, Sunshine, Baldwin I.P.A & Hop Forward


Big Hand - Appaloosa


Bingham's - Space Hoppy, Comet Cascade, Citra Chinook, Mosaic Columbus, Citra Summit, El Dorado,  Kasbek Cascade, First Gold & Ekuanot Centennial


Bitter End - Lakeland Blonde


Black Hole - Super Nova, Titan, Metropolis Pale Ale & Death Star


Black Iris - Endless Summer 


Blackwater - Mod, Art Deco, Impressionism, Cubism, Pre Raphaelite, Red Herring, Fat Cat & Voodoo


Blue Bee - Reet Pale


Blue Monkey - Infinity


Bob's Brewing Co. - White Lion


Bond - Pikes Peak


Bootleg - Twisted Groove


Boss - Blaze


Box Steam - Piston Broke


Bradfield - Farmers Pale Ale & Steel Cow


Bramton - 1302


Brass Castle - Snow Eater, Northern Blonde, Comet, Tykeish Delight & Misfit x 2


Brecon - Gold Beacons, Cwrw-istmas  & Green Beacons


Brewsmith - Pale, Gold & Five A Day


Bridestones - Pennine Gold, First Gold & Green Bullet


Brightside - B-Side & Polaris


Bristol Beer Factory - Nova, Sunrise, Independence & 12 Apostles


Broughs - Bitter, Blonde, Pale Ale, Springfield, Bostin Bitter, India Pale Ale, Fettle & Light Pale Ale


Broughton - Clipper IPA


Brunswick - Rocket


Butcombe - Rare Breed, Gold, Blond, Haka, Christmas Steps, Bramble Bitter, Brunel Atlantic IPA, Crimson King, Yeti, Great Grey Owl, Simcoe, Chinook, Hop Eye, Mendip Spring, Moxee, Union, Heathcliff, Nude, El Toro & Rain Or Shine


Cairngorm - Sheepshagger's Gold & Trade Winds


Cannon Royall - I.P.A, January Bluesbreaker, February's Filly, For A Few Hops More, Ombersley Pale & Blonde Bombshell


Castles - White Knight


Castle Rock - Harvest Pale & Snowhite


Charnwood - Sundown


Cheshire Brewhouse - Blues Breaker


Church End - Vicars Ruin, Wherefore Half Thou, What The Fox's Hat, Fallen Angel, King Beer, The Tempist, Bob's Dog Jumping Frog, A Glass Pour Yorick, Molly's Ale, Boston Fat Boy, Nun's Ale, Mill On The Floss, Hooker Ale, Cutting Ale, Hop Gun, Hoppy Poppy, Cracker, Thursday Club, Willie Brew'd, Drop Goal, Forbidden Fruit, Retro Bike, Hoptimist, Shreadies, Road Closed, Goats Milk, Rusty Dudley, Blue Norther, Drunken Octopus, Brews Brothers, Wild Thing, Gold Tea, M Reg, Fortified, Calypso, V Reg, Stocking Filler, Richard The Blurred, Bad Rabbit, Wolfsbane, April Fuel,Saison, Screw EU, EU Beauty, Hodgson's Choice, Karl's Berg, Gyle 5000, Arthur Lowe, Eureka, Reinbeer, Cultural Icon, Gottle o' Geer, Brewer's Truth, The Final Countdown, Sunshine, Bounty Bitter, Anchor Bitter, Old Englishman's Summer Pale Ale, Green And Black, World Cup Willi, November Rain, Silver Jubilee Ale & Harlequin


Clavell & Hind - Blunder Buss, Coachman, Spring Ale & Summer I.P.A


Clouded Minds - Luppol


Clun - Green Hop


Coastal - Poseidon Extra, Mosaic Gold, Springfire Blonde & Proper American Pale Ale


Cold Black Label - Glyder Fawr


College Green - Belfast Blonde


Cornish Crown - Helter Skelter


Cotleigh - Golden Seahawk & Early Bird


Cotswold Lion  - Golden Fleece & Best In Show


Cotswold Spring - Stunner, Bard & Codger


Cottage - Imperial Gold, E.P.A, Trafalgar, Full Steam Ahead, Pacific Pale Ale & Conquest


Crafty Little Brewery - Waimea


Cross Bay - Omega


Crouch Vale - Brewers Gold


Dark Revolution - So LA & Nine 2 Five


Dark Star - Hophead, Golden Gate, Hylder Blonde, American Pale Ale, Hophead Mosaic & Sunburst


Dent - Rambrau


Derventio - Standard Bearer & Neptune


Doctor Okell's - IPA


Downton - Apple Blossom, Slovenian Dream, Kazbek Zest, Elderquad, Dr Rudi's Rugby Remedy, Four Corners, Hopoholic, Honey Blonde, Bogus Buffalo, Eureka & Junga Juice


Driftwood Spars - Lou's Brew


Elgood's - Indian Summer & Rodeo


Elland - Beyond The Pale, Elland Back, Goldrush, Kama Citra, Summit For The Weekend, Road To Glory, Fechesbi, Northern Sky, Earthbound, Grateful Deaf, Tomahawk, Elant, Curiosity, El Divino, Pale, Moonbeam Rider, Mister Sun, Razamanaz, Top Of The Hops, Tangy Zizzle, Nettle Thrasher, Lucky Dip & Yakima Pale


Elusive - Sphere Of Destiny


Empire - Twisted Melon & Sultan


Enville - White, Cherry Blonde & Enville Ale


Epic - Slimed & I.P.A-Team


Exmoor - Gold & Fox


Fallen - Odyssey


Farr - Pale ale


Fat Cat - Honey Ale


Fernandes - Cascade & Firebrand


Firebrand - Cross Pacific


First Chop - POW


Fixed Wheel - Chain Reaction, Wheelie Pale & Shell Corner Velodrome


Forge - I.P.A & Litehouse


Frog Island - Natterjack


Front Row - Blindside


Froth Blowers - Gollop With Zest, The Jolly Brewer, Hornswoggle, Ned's Wonder, Barking Mad, Anthem, Sporting Times & Piffle Snonker


Fun Fair - Matterhorn


Fuzzy Duck - Cunning Stunt


Gadds - Green Hop


Glastonbury - Spring Loaded


Gloucester - Mariner, Gold, Cascade, Priory Pale, Elderflower Pale, Citra & Session I.P.A


Goffs - White Knight, Cheltenham Gold, Lamorak, Merlin, Lancer, Launcelot, Spring Ale & Summer Ale


Gower - Gold


Grafton - Encore & Heat WaGranite - I.P.A


Great Heck - Blonde, Citra,  Mosaic, Mount Mosaic, Treasure I.P.A, Christopher, Mount Hood, Snazzy Beer, Chopper, Styrian Dragon, Trafalgar & Proverbs


Great Newsome - Stone Creek


Great North Eastern - Westoe I.P.A


Great Oakley - Gobble


Green Duck - Duck Blonde, Ducktor Who & Duck or Grouse


Green Jack - Mahseer I.P.A


Grey Trees - Chinookan V.P.A, J.P.R'S Pale, Centennial & Oriental


G.W.B - Beesknees


Gun - Pale Ale


Hale's - Ice Kissed Heart


Harbour - Ellensberg I.P.A


Hard Knott - Long Drop


Harviestoun - Bitter & Twisted


Hereford - Hop Harvester & Pegasus Dawn


Heritage - St. Modwen, Sole Survivor & Richterscale


Heskett Newmarket - Scafell Blonde


Hillside - Legless Cow, Legend of Hillside English E.P.A, Pinnacle & Compatriot


Hobsons - Bitter, Town Crier, Twisted Spire, Old Prickly, Green Hop, Challenger & Shrop Star


Holden's - Bitter, Golden Glow, Table Tapper, April Shower, Maggie's Moonshine, Christmas Pudding & Woodsetton Pale Ale


Hop Back - Brewers Challenge, Four Corners & Summer Lightning


Hop Kettle - Element & Home Grown


Hop Shed - Leghorn, Frizzle, Sebright, Pekin, Green Hop (Endeavour & GP75), Sultan, Pale IPA, Double Hopped I.P.A V1, Lager Style Ale, Double Hopped I.P.A V2, LSB, Houdan, Goldings & Jester


Hop Studio - Gold & Blonde


Humpty Dumpty - Swallowtail & Little Sharpie


Hydes - Cape Crusade & Nelson


Idle - Idle Tongue


Ilkley - Ilkley Pale Ale


Imperial - Nah Then


Inferno - Glowing Endeavour


Iron Pier - Wealdway I.P.A


Itchen Valley - Hampshire Rose


Joule's - Pale Ale & Blonde


Kelham Island - Easy Rider, Shindig, Grease Band , White Falcon, Wish You Were Here, A Little Less Conversation, Winter Blues, Baby Its Cold Outside, Factory, Blondie & King of the Rocket Men


Kalpaul - Sunshine Session


Keltek - Celtic Blonde


Keystone - V.P.A


Kinver - Light Railway, Edge, Crystal, Pail Ale, May Bug, Aureus, 500 Beers, Half Centurion, Khyber, Wyches Brew, 6 Of The Best, 1,000 Not Out, Holly Austin, The Noble 600, Life Begins!,The 12 Hopostles, Green Helle Wheatley, Bitter & 60, Summit, Monarchy In The UK, Apollo, Edge, Green T.E.A, Good Newz, Brew 66, Brewing Bad, Cavegirl, Millennium, Anzac, Green Elizabeth,  K.F.C, 2 Fingers, Livin' On The Edge, Green Eyed Hop Monster, Hum Bug, Drink January Dry, For Those About To Drink, Mother Of Flagons, The Kids Are Ale Right, Winter Crystal, Lunar Landing, Importance Of Brewing Ernest, Eagle Ale, Jester 'Nother Drink, Endeavour, Quindecim & Seren


Lacons - Legacy


Lakehouse - Pale Ale, Citrus Pale Ale, Cherry Chocolate Porter & Calypso Peach


Lakeshore - Pale


Ledbury - Gold, Green Hop, American Pale Ale, 48th Parallel, New Zealand Smash , Phoenix, Cardinal Blanc, CF160, CF185, CF241, CF245, Breakfast Stout, Hop Development Smash, Mocca Porter, Citra/Centennial, Wai-Ti/Citra, Dr. Rudi (no 8), Topaz, Junga, Instones, Goldings, Progress, Pilgrim, First Gold, Challenger, Keyworths Early, Isabel, CF169, CF 185, Harlequin, Jester, Olicana, Target, Ledbury Pale Ale, HMS Ledbury & Most



Lerwick - Azure


Liberation - I.P.A


Lincoln Green - Fountain Dale, Sherwood & Bowman


Little Dewchurch - Green Dew


Loch Lomond - Southern Summit & Winter Wonderloch


Loch Ness - Saaziness & Hoppy Ness


Loddon - N.O.T.U.S & Citra Quad


Loose Cannon - Belgian Farmhouse & English Pale Ale Session I.P.A


Ludlow - Gold, Blonde, Stairway, Phoenix & Zest Of Zanzibar


Magpie - Thieving Rogue


Mallinsons - Dunter, Into Orbit, Nelson Sauvin, Olicana, U.S Premium, Comet Calypso, Motueka, Komosal, And I ran & Tipping Point


Malvern Hills - Black Pear, Swedish Nightingale, Priessnitz, Mr Phoebus, Green Pear, Anniversary Ale, Sozzled Santa, Black Country Wobble, Arty Pharty, Pomp & Circumstance, 776 BC, Feel Good, Dodgy Banker, Malvern Rocks, Beacon Gold, Radar Love, Malvern Spring, Bertie's Best, M.P.A , Apple Ale, Challenger, Cascade, Godiva, Jester, Olicana & Challenge


Mantle - Moho & Cwrw Teifi


Market Harborough - Whirlpool & Green Hop


Marston Moor - Mongrel's Santa Paws


Maypole - Kiwi I.P.A & Mae West


Milestone - Crusader


Milk Street - The Usual, Gulp I.P.A, Beer Blonde, Amarillo & RA


Millstone - Millstone Edge & Cromwell Golden Extra


Milton - Minerva


Mobberley - Elysium & Route 97


Moor - Nor'Hop


Moorhouses - Blond Witch


Mordue - Radgie Gadgie


Morrissey Fox - Aussie I.P.A


Mulberry Duck - Amber Sparkle


Mumbles - Gold & Beyond The Pale


Nelson - Vengeance & Dragon's Revenge


Nethergate - Augustinian


New Bristol - The Joy Of Sesh


Newmans - Spring Hopper & Pale Seal Pup


Nine Standards - Silver


North Cotswolds - Shagweaver, Cotswold Best, Summer Solstice, Fosseway Flanker, Jumping Jack & Green Man I.P.A


North Yorkshire Brewing Company - Mayhem & NYPA


Nottingham - Extra Pale Ale & Bullion


Oakham - White Dwarf, Bishops Farewell, Inferno, Citra & Scarlet Macaw


O'Hanlon's - Yellow Hammer & Flagship IPA


Old Bear - Goldilocks


Old Pie Factory - Pale Ale


Ossett - Silver King


Otley - Croeso


Otter - Bright, Amber, Autumn Ale, Bramble Bitter, Winter Brew, Spring Ale, Summer Light,

Otter Ale, Over The Bar & Silver


Pardoe's - Entire, Bumble Hole,  Rowley Rag & Alchemist 


Parkway - Cheeky Monkey, Giggle & Titter, Fools Gold, Rat Catcher, Natural Blonde, Monkey Business, Mumbo Jumbo, Session I.P.A, Golden Macaw, Three Wise Monkeys & Pack


Partners - Ghost


Pennine - Hair Of The Dog, Gold, I.P.A & Real Blonde


Penzance - Thirty Summit


Pershore - Summertime Ale, Pershore Pale, Elder May, Croft, Man In A Hat, Re Boot, Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Helles Lager Bier & Solstice Gold


Pictish - Summit, Simcoe & Cluster


Pig & Porter - Blonde & 300 Hairy bears


Pitchfork - Pitchfork, Hop To Prop, Pale Ale, Golden Ale, Green Hop, North Pole Nectar, Aurical & Somer Session


Plain Ales - Innspiration


Popes - Hive, Worcester Gold, Hop Market, Elderflower Pale Ale, Victorian Chestnut, Pershore Plum Porter, American Pale Ale & Oktoberfest


Prescott - Track Record, Summer Season's Best, Chequered Flag & Winter Season's Best


Purity - Pure Gold & Mad Goose


Purple Moose - Glaslyn, Snowdonia Ale & Elderflower Ale


Quantock - Sunraker & Wills Neck


Rammy - Waterfall Pale & Rammy Pale


Ramsbury - Gold, Grand Slam, Sun Splash, Triple Hop, Hoppy Christmas, Wiltshire Weiss & Pale Ale


Raw - Edge Pale Ale, Mount Hood 7& Edge APA


R.C.H - Pitchfork & Phoenix Gold


Reunion - Talwar


Revolutions - Happy Families & Switch #16


Roosters - Leghorn, Astro & Yankee


Rudgate - Gentlemen Prefer Blonde, Norse Necta & Valkyrie


Sadler's - Lye Gold, Winter Spice, Lady Bast, Lady Bison, King Lion, Earl Grey, Boris Citrov & Thin Ice


Salamander - Golden Salamander


Salcombe - Hop Garden, Shingle Bay & Gold


Salopian - Aztec, Puzzle, Golden Thread, Renaissance, Kashmir, Oracle, Matrix, Icon, Hop

Twister,Sienna, Shropshire Gold, Darwin's Origin, Prohibition, Firkin Freezin & Lemon Dream


Saltaire - Trio Pale, Cascade, Citra, Amarillo Gold, Bavarian Gold, Solaris & Decennium


Scarborough Brewery - Snowy Bay, Sealord & Citra


Severn Vale - Dursley Steam, Stunner & Dance Of The Severn Vale


Shakespeare - Bard's Best


Sharp's - Honey Spice Gold


Shires - Severn Gorgeous, Summer Classic, Dabley Gold & Shropshire Pride


Six Bells - A May-zing, Bursting Out & Swallow


Skinner's - Cornish Blonde & Splendid Tackle


Slaters - Top Totty & Queen Bee


Slaughterhouse - Green Hopper


South Hams - Wild Blonde


Spitting Feathers - Thirst Quencher


Springhead - Maid Marian Blonde & Blind Tiger


St. George's - Charger, Lazy Days & Summer Breeze


Stardust - American Pale Ale


Stockport - West Coast I.P.A


Stonehenge - Danish Dynamite, Heel Stone, Spire Ale & Great Dane


Stonehouse - KPA


Stratford Upon Avon - Mosaic, Malty Pig & Amarillo APA


Stroud - Budding


Summerskills - Westward Ho!


Summer Wine - Dakota & Gambit


Swan - Lily Little Legs, Swan On The Wye, Green Swan, Gold, Green Swan, Seven Swans, Swan Love,  Blonde, Lemner Ore, One Small Step, Giant Leap, Goldings, Challenger & Ernest


S7N - Double Hopped Pale Ale, Golden Ale & Amarillo Citra Pale


Teignworthy - Beachcomber & Gun Dog


Teme Valley - Blond, Nota Bene, Gheluvelt Gold, Mathon Goldings, Elf's Job, Saint of Ales, The Hops Nouvelles, A Winter Shade of Pale, Jack In The Green, Osebury Ale, Gargayle, Fuggles & Shepherds' Twilight


Thomas Guest - Cobbler's


Thornbridge - Jaipur IPA


Three Castles - Vale Ale & Stoned


Three kings - Border Star


Three Shires - Hafren & Vegvisir


Three Tuns - XXX, 1642, Solstice, Rantipole & Clerics Cure


Thwaites - Handsome Devil


Titanic - Iceberg & White Star


Totally Brewed - Simcoe


Traditional Scottish Ales - Big Blonde


Tring - Pale Four


Triple F - Ramble Tamble & Apache Rose Peacock


Tudor - I.P.A


Twisted Oak - Spun Gold


Twisted Wheel - Sunday Sessions


Unity/Hop Shed - Frizzle British I.P.A, Sebright, Pekin Pale Ale, Leghorn & Yuletide Ruby Ale


Urban Huntsman - Over & Under, Tropica, Nomad, New Zealand Pale Ale & The Islander


Vale - Gravitas


Vale Of Glamorgan - South Island


Waen - Pamplemousse


Wall's - Summer Gold


Wantsum - Olicana


Welbeck Abbey - Slovak Paradise, West Australian IPA, Harley & Fruit Cascade


Wentworth - Holster Pils, Bumble Beer, Czech M8, Rock Spalt, Hoppy Days, Venture & New Zealand Pale Ale


Wharfe Bank - Chalkie's White & Fair Dinkum


Wicked Hathern - Hawthorn Gold


Wickwar - Cotswold Way


Wolf - Straw Dog


Wood's - Pride & Glory, Shropshire Lass, Parish & Beauty


Wood Street - Boojum, Franklinia, Snowbell Japanese & Choke Cherry


Wye Valley - HPA, Golden Ale, Rapid Ale, Butty Bach, Summertime Ale, Natural Blonde Lager, Flower Power, Barrell of Laughs, Ocean Wave, Amber Ale, Three Wye's Men, Emerald Ale, The Hop Father & Samurai


XT - 2, 15 & Hippo


Yeovil - B.S.T & Fabarillo


York - Yorkshire Terrier


Yubberton - YPA


3D - Slimed, The IP-A Team, Easy Peasy & Green Hop


4T's - Busman's Pale


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